Time & Material

There are some cases to use this model:
— when our customer have a constant flow of issues which they are not able to plan.
— when our customers have a need to extend their team with additional developers and other specialists temporary.
— when our customers have need to increase productivity of their team or to involve specialists with specific skills to particular tasks performance.
— when we need to start a feasibility study of the dedicated team model for the customer at the offshore location.

Fixed bid project

This model implies a fixed cost or fixed budget for the project. Our agreement includes all details of the uniqueness of the project or predefined time frame.

Fixed bit project means outsourcing of a specific assignment for the development team. It may be the solution improvement, new solution implementation, re-engineering or migration software, function customization.

Dedicated Team

In some cases this model is perfect. All the advantages of this type of the model are development team follows our customer methodologies and culture of their company. Our customer sure in team activities and implementation inside dedicated team like if they would be on-site near their staff.

In any way the customer is managing the projects performance using its own management staff and our Project Manager. Our company is focused on the team building processes and team monitoring.