MakovskaTeam is an IT Services provider located in Ukraine. We help companies in all sectors in Ukraine, Europe and the USA to use information technologies to develop their business. Our clients benefit from our expertise in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Technical Consulting due to our high competence in: CMS implementation, PHP, Java, Mobile Development, Internet Promotion, SEO & SMM. We are passionate about web technologies.
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Frequently Ask Questions from our Customers:

At the moment I don`t have any technical specification. How can we proceed in this situation?

— Let me ask you some clarifying questions. It will help to set up a specific assignment for the development team. I suggest we have another discussion to make necessary adjustments, as soon as the first version of the product is developed. There may be several such iterations. When the product is fully completed, we will provide you with final version of the documentation.

How do you guarantee that I receive the product meeting my requirements on time?

— We guarantee it by our working standards. We break down the assignment into phases and complete it taking into account your priorities. You will have an access to the working version of the product any time. You will see the current status and give your feedback any time. Based on your feedback we will make immediate adjustments. While discussing project implementation deadlines with our customers, we always reserve necessary time span for potential adjustments.

How can I monitor the process?

— First of all, we provide our clients with an access to our internal project management system, that you can use to monitor the process. Second, we will have regular meeting with you to brief you on the current status of the project and, if required, to discuss different options of further project implementation.

Can you create a prototype for my IT concept and test it?

— Sure, we can make a feasibility study for your concept. Based on it we will suggest several options and recommend optimum solution for you.

Do you practice Agile?

— Certainly, we use some Agile methodologies in our projects. We can provide several IT professionals in your direct supervision to ensure maximum effective interaction. Thus, you will enjoy all the advantages of the Extreme Programming Methodology which provides for fast, flexible and interactive development process. The most important thing is that the software is visible to you at the end of every iteration. This helps implement any changes of your requirements very quickly with minimum cost.

In addition, the ticket management system is at your disposal to submit tasks for the development team. lWe ensure the solution is developed within the agreed budget and set deadlines. In case we need a larger development team, we can change the methodology to more formalized one (Kanban or Scrum) to ensure required team performance. It is very important for us that the project management methodology meets your requirements and needs.

In terms of budget management, what types of projects have you implemented?

— These are:

  • Time and materials
  • Fixed bit projects
  • Dedicated team

In the course of the project we can move from one budget management option to another.

The choice is always yours!